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FlyKeys FK130 Rosewood Digital Piano 88 Keys with Bluetooth - Free Bench

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FlyKeys FK130 Rosewood Digital Piano 88 Keys with Bluetooth - Free Bench

- Color: Rosewood (PVC)

- Exterior: Standard upright piano

- Features: Fashion upper panel, independent speaker structure, three rows of button side control panel, LCD color display screen, push-pull key cover, aluminum alloy handle, folding large spectrum frame

- Keyboard    Italian Imported 88 Grand-ResponseTM Key trends with hammer action & dynamic curve.

- Sound source: DSP sound source, Germany Famous grand piano sound sampling. 10Layers dynamic, String overtone resonance analog audio technology.

- Polyphony: 512(stereo)

- Demo: 120 classic demo songs ;(classic piano song + voice demo + rhythm);Teaching function :100 teaching songs, follow-up performance simulation teaching

- Accompaniment control: Automatic chord switch, SYNC Start, SYNC Stop, A/fill 1, B/fill 2, Intro\Ending.

- Recording function: 2 Tracks, replay supported, Maximum 22.000 notes for one single song, MIDI, 64 tracks and 16 channels, Support MIDI 0&1 file saving.

- Voice control: Grand piano voice, dual piano, dual voice, double keyboard, split point.

- Double voice: Piano playing string background voice, user editing multiple voice combination.

- Touch: 5 standard piano strength curve, Default, Soft, Standard, Hard, Touch off, touch sensitivity adjustment.

- Voice: 156,128 GM standard voices +17 folk voices ,10 sets standard percussion instruments +1 set effect.

- Rhythm: 120, world style, including folk beat, piano accompaniment

- Keyboard split: contains two pianos,the same tone area can divide the keyboard into two same pitch function, four-handed play, string ensemble, wind ensemble, piano + violin, guitar + violin playing, can achieve multiple combinations

- Volume control: Master volume, Accompaniment volume (0-32).

- Transpose: -12 / +12 Semitones.

- Octave: Octave -1/ 0 / +1

- Effect function: Quantification ,127 tremolo ,64 reverb ,64 chorus

- Metronome: According to the beat of the strong and weak ticking sound,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9; beat tempo :20-280

- Pedal function: Imitation of the traditional grand piano pedal function, can achieve weak pedal, sound pedal, extended pedal function

- USB interface: USB MIDI computer interface, can realize unlimited song recording storage, support 64 track 16 channels MIDI recording, support MIDI 0&1 format files, GM international standards, but also achieve unlimited expansion and upgrade of the system

- Interface: USB interface, pedal interface, power interface, headphone Jack, stereo line output.

- U disk / SD card interface: can read and play music files directly from U disk and SDcard, keyboard can play at the same time

- Bluetooth connection: Audio function, Mobile phone with Bluetooth function or IPAD can play music files in various formats directly, keyboard can play at the same time, stage audio performance and music appreciation