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Keyboard Sustain Pedal KSP001 (Damper Sustain Pedal) (Keyboard / Digital Piano)

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RM 35.00
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RM 35.00
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RM 40.00
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The KSP001 piano-style sustain pedal gives you the stability and durability you need at a price you can't pass up. No matter what you're willing to pay, you'll seldom find a simple, universal piano-style sustain pedal that's as comfortable and responsive as the KSP001.

• Footswitch modeled after a conventional acoustic piano pedal.
• Metal base & rubberized cover.
• On top of that, rubber gripping keeps your pedal in place, while a 6 foot cable keeps your pedal where you want it.
• Rubber foot plate.

Type : Keyboard Sutain Pedal (Damper)
Color : Black
Model : KSP001
Dimension : 26 x 10 x 10 Cm
Weight : 0.75 Kg

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