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Aroma TDX15 Electronic Drum / Digital Drum / Drum Set

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Aroma TDX15 Electronic Drum / Digital Drum / Drum Set

The accumulation of twenty years creating professional-level digital percussion has led to Aroma’s latest offering, the Aroma TDX-15 Kit. With a high-quality rack system, and hardware loaded with responsive pads, the kit feels as good as ever and an improved sound module featuring 108 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds gives you the voice to match.

The Aroma TDX-15 Kit consists of three tom pads, dual-zone snare pad, an upright kick drum pad, bass drum pedal, hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, crash and ride cymbal pads. All pads feature natural rubber that reduces vibration feedback and actually feels natural to play, giving a familiar feel.

The kick pad on the Aroma TDX-15 Kit comes with its own pedals, so you can get playing right out of the box. The snare drum also offers more options as, being dual-zoned, you can attribute a snare sound for the centre and a rimshot or click or something totally different for the rim.

The Aroma TDX-15 Kits rack is heavy-duty, made up of 1 ½” aluminium tubing that accommodates the pads and module, with all the necessary mounting hardware and cables included. The tubing of the rack, being a standardized size, will also allow you to use other brands of clamps and mounts should you want to.


- The Aroma TDX-15 is a 7-piece electronic drumset with sound module

- 12 programmable kits made up of high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds

- Natural and familiar playing surfaces made of mesh and rubber

- Dual-zone snare pad - capable of rimshots

- Class compliant USB MIDI output for connecting to your favourite software

- Aux input to play songs from your music sources

- Headphone and line out for use with headphones or drum amplifiers

- Incredible value for money, ideal for beginners


- Standard 4+3 drum kit configuration (1 snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals with pedal bass drum

- 8 inch silicone snare drum and toms

- 10 inch silicone crash and ride cymbals with choke

- Silicone hi hat with pedal

- Pedal bass drum

- Module: 

12 preset drum sounds:  Rock. Jazz, Funk, Metal. Electric, Rock Live, Metal, Live, Electric Live,  GM Standard, GM Room, GM Power, Percussion



Aux Input (3.5mm Jack)

Headphone Output (3.5mm Jack)

Audio Output (3.5mm Jack)

DC In (9V)