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Adams Percussion MCPA43 4.3 Octaves Concert Series Marimba, Padouk Wood, with Apex Frame (A2-C7)

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Adams Concert Series Marimba

Get used to playing on a wide bar instrument for an affordable price. Available in Honduras Rosewood, Padouk, and synthetic Zelon on an Apex or Endurance Field Frame, there is a Concert Series Marimba for the requirements of professionals, universities, schools, and outdoor ensembles.

At Adams all instruments are made with the same passion for performance than the most high-end instruments such as the Alpha series. Wether you are a beginning student or a professional player, we believe playing becomes more cheerful on a good instrument. The Adams Concert marimba is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.

Padouk Wood

Padouk is a natural material with a similar tonal response to rosewood, with a slightly shorter sustain. Players find mallet choices and playing technique like roll speed and dynamic control is nearly indentical to that of rosewood with a lower cost, making it an ideal bar choice for a personal practice instrument or an ensemble.

Specifications : 

Model: MCPA43

Keyboard: Padouk

Bar width: 67 - 40 mm

Range: 4.3 octaves (A2 – C7)

Tuning: A = 442 Hz

Length: 207 cm

Low end: 90 cm

High end: 56 cm

Height: Adjustable 87-101 cm

Frame: Adams Apex

Play a wide bar instrument

Adams Concert series marimbas are available with an exclusive Honduras Rosewood, durable Zelon or a cost-effective African Padouk keyboard. The great advantage of the marimbas from this series is that the bars are just as wide as those of a top-class professional instrument. This will help you get used to a mallet spread that will come in handy later on.

Hear every detail in perfect harmony

Whether you choose Rosewood, Padouk, or Zelon, each bar is painstakingly hand-adjusted through the sixth overtone using a proprietary computer assisted method at the hands of a highly skilled Adams craftsman. This precise tuning and voicing process ensures the instrument’s sound is balanced perfectly throughout the entire range.