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Adams Percussion VSNA31G 3.1 Octaves Solist Series Vibraphone, Golden Bars, with Apex Frame (E3-F6)

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Adams Solist Series Vibraphone

The Adams Solist Series Vibraphone features a 3.1 extended low range allowing you to easily play with other musicians in a combo, while the instrument and frame easily break down for convenient portability.

At Adams the affordable instruments are made with the same passion for performance than the most high-end instruments such as the Alpha series. Whether you are a beginning student or a professional player, we believe playing becomes more cheerful on a good instrument. The Adams Solist vibraphone is performance evolved at an extremely affordable price.

Specifications : 

Keyboard: Gold Aluminium Anodized

Range: 3.1 octaves (E3 – F6)

Motor: No

Bar width: 50 - 38 mm

Tuning: A = 442 Hz

Length: 153 cm

Low end: 75 cm

High end: 56 cm .

Heigth: Adjustable 87-101 cm

Frame: Adams Apex


The Solist Series Vibraphone keyboard features a 3.1 extended low range (extra E) allowing you to easily play with other musicians in a combo, while the bars are slightly narrower, enabling easier mallet spreads for beginning percussionists.


The instruments feature the Adams Apex Frame — with its unique minimalist side pillar design, integrated shore braces, and ultra-strong two-piece crossbar, Apex instruments are quick to assemble and easy to transport, allowing performers at any level to achieve their peak performance.


An advanced, foot-operated precision dampening mechanism allows both damper and rail height adjustments, allowing each player to custom configure the feel of the instrument to their exact playing style. The damper also utilizes a new supreme quality felt material to achieve truly silent damping. An optional Long Pedal Extension Accessory converts the swivel pedal to a full-length pedal board.