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Kawai K700 Professional Acoustic Upright Piano - Ebony Polish (Made in Japan)

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Accessories & Services Included :

- 10 Years Full Warranty

- Free Tuning x 3 times

- Adjustable Piano Bench

- Piano Heater

- Hygrometer Controller

- Caster Cups

- Key Cover

FREE Shipping & Installation within West Malaysia

Kawai K700 Professional Acoustic Upright Piano - Ebony Polish (Made in Japan)

The K-700 offers quality tone and expression, boasting Kawai's traditional grand-style exterior design. The unsurpassed value will meet the demand of those who wish for a grand piano but have no space. 

Highlights :

- Millennium III Upright Action

Millennium III Upright Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a composite material created by the infusion of carbon fiber into our renowned ABS Styran. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allows the creation of action parts that are lighter without sacrificing strength. The result is a stronger, faster action that offers more power, better control and greater stability than conventional all-wood actions.

- NEOTEX Key Surface, Resists cracking & fading, prevent slipping.

- Die-Cast Aluminium Action Brackets, accurate touch over time.

- Extended Key Length, greater control, more power with less effort.

- Tapered Soundboard made of Solid Spruce, professional Tone.

- Mahogany Wood Core & T-Stapled, Double Felted Hammers, lightweight, extremly responsive.

- Steel-Reinforced Keyslip prevent warping and bending in any direction.

- Strong & Stable Keybed and Braces to support the action.

Specifications : 

Height : 130cm

Width : 150cm

Depth : 62cm

Weight : 241kg

White Key Surfaces : NEOTEX

Black Key Surfaces : NEOTEX

Action : Millennium III

Hammer Felts : All underfelted

Soundboard : Solid Spruce, Tapered

Speaking Length of no.1 String : 1230mm

Cutoff Bar : 2

Agraffes : -

Duplex Scalling : Fore 

Back Posts : 5

Pedals : Soft, Muffler, Damper

Casters : Double, Brass

Softfall : Yes

Lock : Yes