• YCL650 VER2
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Yamaha YCL-650 Generation 2 Professional Bb Clarinet (Grenadilla body and silver-plated keys)

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Yamaha YCL650 Generation 2

Rich & Luxuriant Tone close to Custom Model

Specifications : 

Key : Bb

Mouthpiece : 4C

Barrel Length : 65mm

Body Material : Selected Grenadilla

Keys Material : Silver-Plated Nickel Silver

Finish : Urethane

Pads : Leather

Toneholes : Tapered tone holes with hand-tapered undercut

Thumbrest : Adjustable thumbrest with strap ring

Case : Included

Inheriting custom model design and techniques

The YCL-650 is the Professional model that provides …

- Tone: A warm and rich tone

- Playing feel: Ideal resistance for ample breath flow.

This is possible because it is crafted using some Custom model specifications that have a significant effect on tone production.

Warm tone for outstanding projection

- Leather pads are chosen after extensive testing with emphasis on sound quality.

- These pads afford smooth breath flow and stress-free playing while making it easier to produce beautiful, warm tone.

- Because the surfaces of the pads do not vibrate when the instrument is played, no spurious pad noise occurs.

- Thanks to a good seal, breath flows directly toward the bell for outstanding projection.

Same bell and barrel design as Custom models

- Breath that enters the instrument via the mouthpiece travels through the barrel and exits as sound via the bell.

- Even a hair’s breadth variation in the taper of the barrel and bell can have a large influence on resonance, tone, and intonation.

- Same bell and barrel design as Custom models.

- The barrel's shape promotes efficient breath flow through the instrument.

- Bell's innor features an original Yamaha shape that results in improved B intonation.

Superior playability that makes players concentrate more fully on musical expression

Reduce thumb discomfort and fatigue

- This model features an adjustable thumb rest with strap ring.

- The thumb rest can be set to a height that is most comfortable for individual players.

- It can be set to make fingering comfortable for players with small hands and can be readjusted as necessary as the player grows and becomes more proficient.

- The thumb rest also includes a ring that can provide a convenient location for strap attachment when needed.

Comfort Operation

- Designed and crafted for excellent feel, the keys are adjusted by hand using custom model techniques.

Prevent fingering mistakes

Longer E/B levers and C#/G# keys are featured.

- This design reduces the likelihood of fingers slipping off the keys while playing, preventing fingering mistakes.